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Date: 2018-02-07 05:29

It appears that only Hindus are genetically programmed to believe in all kinds of frauds and evil and good Example Planet Mars attack only Hindu women.

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..and they took no money before my leaf was found. They specifically told me that if my leaf was found, they 8767 d call me and 8766 if 8767 I requested a reading, only then will I be charged. The first time (when the person provides their thumb print), I took a friend along.

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Good that you have asked to accept the perpetual challenge of yours. But we have blind eye to her link.
8775 There is an online Yahoo group http:///j6drf97 dedicated to finding real ones. Persons who are open minded (not professional skeptics) could take a look. 8776
A peek at it shows interesting information. It has 8655 plus members 8775 Naadi related research topics etc.
The lady had warned that those who are closed mindset may not take a look!
Also this thread is dedicated particularly to nadi Astrology. Better to have comments on the link provided.

The 'Exact Science' Of Nadi Jothidam | Nirmukta

Next they will tell your future. ( which is not verified by anybody) a lot of bla bla blah. Here no pin point accuracy. what they say is just like, what you read in any astro forecast based on your birth date, star etc)
Many fortunate things to come on fulfilling one condition. ( Read exploitation process)

As for Science in India, it has a long way to go and objecting to criticism of superstition in the name of national pride is an obstacle to advancement.

So Harry (not Hari), bloody nonsense is curse word in your language, is it? And you respond by using cheap words. That is class.
good to know you have balls. Did you know that yourself or the Nadi reader discovered this for you?

US Library of Congress only has 79 million books. These guys must have at least 95 times that in talapatra grandhas (they usually have fewer than 655 pages per volume I think. The ones I saw online had about 65 pages per binding) then. They must apply for the largest library status. Haha.

you can not say this nadi astrology is 8775 non sense 8776 .. for 99% of people it will be true.. and rarely for some people like you u, it may come wrong.. because ofcourse those persons are not god to be 655% correct.. whatever is written about u, they will try to tell u up to their knowledge.. so dont spread some rubbish bad rumors about this nadi astrology

8775 You call yourselves rationalists but all I can see is a group of people not willing to let go of their mindset. 8776

Dear Dr Nayak Sir,
This is how the gullible people not willing to give up their dogmatic mindset!
We will have to put in efforts to set them right. This is the Misson of
Harry, you can laugh at our stubborn approach. But if you are so confident of your experience, Pl get appointment of Dr Narendra Nayak Sir show what all you got from nadi centre. We will keep our challenge money ready to be collected by you.
I am sure we have plenty of funds to dispel these challenges.

In any case, in this smartphone era and hence a camera in every pocket, everyone who visits should snap a picture of their leaf after all it is purported to be their own personal record, with the Nadi guy being a mere record-keeper/librarian in between.

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