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Date: 2018-02-11 16:24

interracial dating statistically is pretty small. ive seen and met very few brown/asian men with white woman pairings. of that is almost always with white girls who are 6s and below. most attractive white girls are getting offers from attractive/sucessful white men to an extent dating outside of their race is an idea they dont have to entertain.

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In my experience Indian guys born and raised in the west have no issues with white girls. As a kid in the UK, all of my Indian male friends had white gfs and it wasn 8767 t considered unusual at all. Many of my Indian friends have white wives.

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Indian guys and Asian girls go quite well together actually. More masculine than Asian dudes but still educated. Same with Jewish guys.

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totally agree our mothers are too over bareing
IRT just did a lot of damage by associating how he sucks with women cuz hes brown. if he was in canada or uk he cant complain since youll see they have no problem dating out,
any beta at home seein these posts will belive it an make matters worse for of seeing the improvements of others n try n emulate it

we never see anyone turn see them turn white or westernize like to know where to spot these liberal we see desi conformin to non desi standards. the show goodness gracious me made fun of it by havin the white wife act like traditional indian.

not the same has to be apart of the rebellous click drink goes out at nite etc..
other than that they dont date outa the tribe/cadte/religion for that matter n ull be a secret for a while so lotta worrk n runnin in secret

Are you fucking kidding me ? The very fact that you admit such a simplistic view on IQ ( a subject even today debated fiercely by professionals in the field) proves yourself to be a gullible, dimwit fool who can be taken advantage of just by making him feel better where his insecurities are concerned. You are total fucktard bro!

Anyway, there 8767 s lots of handsome desi guys out there under the awkwardness, they just need a gori to give them a makeover šŸ˜‰

The more culturally Fresh Off the Boat one is, the more this is the case. There tends to be a direct correlation with how culturally attuned an Indian is to his ancestral background to how worse heā€™ll do with Western women, simply because their traditional mindset, it 8767 s ensuing pedestalization and overall betaness are a massive turn off for them. Incidentally, I have met a couple FOB brown men with hot girlfriends who migrated from relatively traditional Southern Europe, which is something you 8767 ll rarely see in the English speaking world. Roosh explicitly states in Bang Ukraine that Indian men also do well with Ukrainian girls, a sign that the traditional mindset of most Indian men that Western women detest is something that women in non-feminist countries may actually prefer.

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