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Date: 2018-02-12 16:24

At Linx, we do out best to bring you a match who is ideal on all fronts. But occasionally, we ask that members stretch themselves, and be open to someone or older, darker or lighter, shorter or taller than they requested. We do that because we know our members very well, and we often see opportunities where two people make sense together, even if it 8767 s unlikely to be a case of love at first sight.

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On your search for the one, we make being single fun!

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If you 8767 re a Linx member, you know that finding true love can be difficult under any circumstance, and especially challenging when trying to navigate work schedules, family obligations, travel commitments, and, of course, personal preferences. At Linx, we always encourage seeing someone at least two times if you feel even a hint of a spark, and to be as open as possible when thinking about the details of what you expect your match to be/do/look like.

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Lisa’s straightforward honesty and engaged listening style make her someone who is easy to open up to. Like a friend chatting with you over their kitchen table, her compassionate nature compliments her desire to understand people’s personal stories. As an award-winning writer Lisa has experience working for some of the largest media outlets in the world including E! Entertainment and CNN. She has interviewed countless A-list celebrities and newsmakers, and covered some of Hollywood’s most exclusive events. Having naturally connected people for years, Lisa now channels all of her expertise into vetting the perfect match.

Caitlin spent the beginning part of her career training and coaching athletes, military personal, and people new to working out to help them achieve their health goals. She expanded her training at The Institute of Integrative Nutrition and built a thriving health coaching business, teaching people how to live, look, and love from a holistic health perspective. With a license as a holistic practitioner, nutrition counselor, and coach she has helped people reach their highest potential on an emotional and physical level. She believes that love is an integral part of our health and is grateful that her path ultimately lead her to TDR where she can impact her clients every day.

A North Carolina native, Callie is outgoing and upbeat. During college at UNC, she lived in Beijing, and is always pushing herself to try new things (like bungee jumping!). Callie previously worked at a start-up, and her robust network of tech professionals and political influencers in DC make her the perfect matchmaker for the nation’s capital. Callie spends her time traveling to the National Parks, attending live music events, and volunteering at her local soup kitchen.

Now anyone that knows me, I am not a big fan of a bunch of rules I’m a rebel at heart. But one must know the rules first in order to break them!

“We do not have our own [delivery] fleet,” Webb said. “We’re just a software company at the end of the day. We have no ambitions to have a delivery fleet at all.”

From hosting fitness infomercials to working at Beachbody and Zumba, Alisa's career path has always focused on helping people improve their lives. With experience in media and fitness, and a degree from Rutgers, Alisa has always been the matchmaker in her group of friends. When not matching, Alisa loves musical theatre and is always in the dance studio or training for her next fitness competition.

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On your search for the one, we make being single fun!

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