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African origins of Hispanic Caribbeans according to DNA

Date: 2018-03-07 09:53

Your Nigeria score is indeed low but actually i have observed this for many other AA results. It 8767 s just part of individual variation. Then again you could still have additional Nigerian origins hiding under your socalled 8775 Cameroon/Congo 8776 and 8776 Benin/Togo 8776 scores. Afterall actual Nigerians when tested by AncestryDNA also have those regions in their results. See also section 9 of this page.

African American Results | Tracing African Roots

This chart features an additional macro-regional breakdown into 8775 Upper Guinea 8776 , 8775 Lower Guinea 8776 and 8775 Central Africa 8776 which is of my own making. In order to get a strictly 8775 SSA 8776 (Sub Saharan African) comparison i have excluded the region 8775 North Africa 8776 and corrected the other averages accordingly. Making this distinction is admittedly arbitrary and can only produce a rough proxy, given the limitations of AncestryDNA . Still I find it useful because you get to see some patterns more clearly and it conforms with what 8767 s common in slave trade literature. For ethnolinguistical and historical maps from these 8 main regions of provenance see: Upper Guinea , Lower Guinea , Central Africa.

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It 8767 s fascinating already that the socalled 8775 Cameroon/Congo 8776 region on AncestryDNA is probably partially based on Bakongo samples (see AncestryDNA regions ). As described above it 8767 s also one of the top 8 main regions for the 855 African American results in my survey. It seems to be a very consistent component across the USA but on average especially so for persons from South Carolina, and this state probably has the greatest proportion of documented origins from Central Africa.

Books on Afro-American and Afro-Caribbean Archaeology

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A third possible reason would be that the involvement of Cameroon in the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade might have been underestimated or obscured because of the main slaveports being located in eastern Nigeria. Even so i 8767 m very doubtful that any genuine Cameroonian ancestral contribution could ever be greater than the one hailing from eastern Nigeria, generally speaking.

DNAland 98% African /% West Eurasion/ % Ambiguous = {Lower Niger Valley 88% Yoruba and Esan, Mende/Akan 76% Sierra Leone and Senegal River Valley 67% Mandenka in Senegal and Gambia in Western Gambia, East African 66% Bantu, Kikuyu, Luhya, Luo and Masai in (Webuye, Kinyawa and 9 other sites) Kenya Datog in Tanzania and Luhya in (Kenya) Webuye, Mbuti % Mbuti (Pygmy) in Congo, Ambiguous African.

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This first result is also noteworthy for showing 8775 Senegal 8776 in shared first position. A number 6 ranking for 8775 Senegal 8776  seems to be quite rare among my sample group of 855 people it only occurred 5 times. Also the 8775 Southeastern Bantu 8776 score is quite pronounced.

I feel the IC/G category is a bit overestimated because it can regroup origins from Ghana, Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone or Liberia which is around 89 % of the slaves origin in the Carolinas/Georgia for example while other category can only indicated two countries.

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