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Date: 2018-03-11 12:04

Hello there!🖖🏻 Hope all of you have a wonderful day lying ahead!😊 Do you consider yourself to be a conscientious person? Or impulsive and forgetful? Do you have a friend who is a pain in the neck💉? Have you ever thought about the right way to describe a person and his traits of character in English?🇬🇧 No? Then on Sunday evening we are going to share our thoughts📝 and opinions📢! Breathtaking debates🗣, enthralling quizzes🧠and a captivating game called "Mimes" are waiting for you in our cozy club. What else do you need to keep in mind🗿? Where👣: Янки Купалы, 21, room 120. When☎: 6 o'clock. Fee💰: 5 rubbles (includes coffee-break☕, cookies🍪🍪 and shoe covers👠👢👞)