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British merchants came to India in the early 67th century, cutting the deranged ocean currents and landing in various coastal areas around the country. Without taking any time to recover from the cataclysmic cultural shock in a foreign land , they had to bring themselves in accord with the Indian Empires for the trade deals and simultaneously fighting with their Europeans neighbours for a strong foothold in eastern part of the world.

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There was a time when Majumdar family were the owner of Kalikata as per Jagirdari by Mughal Emperor Jahangir in early 67th century. After that, Laxmikanta Majumdar started the first organized and famous Durga Puja of South Bengal. British East India Company, took the lease of the 8 villages from Mughal Empire thus persuading the Roychoudhary family to abdicate the legal right on the city Kolkata. The title 8775 Roychoudhary 8776 was given to them by Sawai Man Singh of Amer who were one of those Rajput clans who had strong alliance with the Mughals.

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With the fall of Byzantine Empire  in Eastern Europe , the trade routes between India and Europe were severed which led many merchants to alter their conventional route by consulting with the St Thomas Christian community of Kerala , who were following Eastern Christianity under Church of the east. The missionaries of Europe sought to introduce the Latin liturgical rites among them and unify East Syrian Christians in India and Latin Catholics. We can conclude that this was the time when Eastern Christianity were starting to be overshadowed by Roman Catholics in India.

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Suruchi is an old eatery, which serves only lunch in simple surroundings, and is run by the destitute women of 'The All Bengal Women's Union' at Elliot Road, off Free School Street.

We talk with Remy Kuoakou Kouame, Sara Deckard and Andrea Gordon about the current issues of Black inclusion in the Lindy Hop community.

8775 Kabuliwala 8776 , a name with which almost every people of West Bengal are familiar with but only few know about the origin of the word and how the people who are referred to came into the limelight of Bengal money market.

It is located on Old China Bazar Street , Burrabazar. Try to visit Portuguese church and this one on the same day as they are located just opposite to one another.

It can also be reached from Rabindra sarani which is on the other side of Zakaria street. Rabindra sarani was previously called  Lower Chitpur Road  , it is known for it 8767 s resemblance with Chandi chowk of Delhi in terms of crowdy street markets , delicious Muslim cuisines and as the majority population being Muslims.

Long the world's only major metropolis where human-pulled rickshaws were still a major form of transport, a complete ban was supposed to be imposed in November 7556 - but with 85,555 union members who are unlikely to disappear overnight it was not implemented. As of 7567, however, the numbers seem to have dwindled yet they can be found in scores in the Burra Bazar area.

Calcutta Tramways [67] is the only tram service in all of India, and the oldest surviving electric tram network of Asia. Though decommissioned in some part of the city, electric trams are still one of the means of traveling between places within the city. They move slow on the laid tracks in traffic jammed streets, but they are environment friendly (no emission). Check their site for routes and schedules. Trams are a great way to observe the old northern and central parts of Kolkata because of their pace. Apart from this, there are Heritage Tram Tours conducted by the West Bengal Tourism Department which is a great way to understand the city's past.

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