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Date: 2017-11-15 14:53

MORE OUTFITS. Let's change those clothes. Everyone currently has a single outfit. Let's give the main character and all of his romantic options at least another outfit so you get some variety as you play the game. (Additional outfits will be voted on by those in the developer's forum.)

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Note: it's up to you if you want the date to be featured in the add-on to all backers or not.  If you'd just like a personal copy for yourself, and wish to share it with your close friends, that's totally up to you.

SilverDaddies - dating for mature gay men

If % of the gay population is in San Francisco, there's a higher probability of their being financially strong, millionaires or even multimillionaires. Parts of San Francisco are very expensive.

Dating a gay millionaire - finding a wealthy gay partner

When you are not working! You can choose to go to various places like the mall, university and many more different activities!

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In order to make Full Service happen we need your help to fund this project! The higher we can raise means we will have more resources to work with resulting in more content being created for the game!

Contributors at the 95 dollar tier will get their first name and a headshot in-game, as depicted on the left.  This will be shown in-game if you decide to browse the app.

One problem I might have is getting enough funds for all the artwork I'd like done, especially if artwork isn't quite "right" for the scene or the scene needs to be rewritten for numerous reasons. When it comes right down to it though, I'll draw it myself (I did all the character art in the game), though it might ultimately take me longer to do than a seasoned artist.

Silver Daddies are finally getting our due from the online gay dating community. After all, just because there's snow on the roof, doesn't mean there's no fire in the furnace, as the old saying goes. That's never been truer than it is today, with gay men remaining fit, horny and vigorous almost in perpetuity.

• [COSPLAY PACK] rewards!
• Help us design a non playable character that may provide information, items and sidequests!
Poster of your character!

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