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Date: 2017-11-16 00:25

No. He was just going to tell me if there was anything that was not hostile and delete anything that was. I would have done the corresponding and looked at the profiles.

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Each to their own I guess: Worrying obsessively about what other people might think of him and or being insecure about if he s a proper man (tm) is probably one of my more major deal breakers.

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To be fair, I get what DNL is saying. Anyone saying they wouldn t date someone entirely because of X reason or Y reason is being kinda snobish and a bit shallow. That being said preferences are all good until they make you look like your a judgemental asshole to someone, I suppose.

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I ve never had much faith in the whole fake confidence thing. I just can t get past the fact it s fake and it does nothing to help me feel more confident. Personal hangups aside though, it may help others, I just have little stock in it myself.

Not arrogance, mind you, not even most brands of cockiness although some of that is a ticket to a nice ride depending on the person wielding it. Confidence is a scent that lingers and its difficult to resist. The outward packaging is just that packaging.

There s a determined myth that all women want a guy who towers over them. I guess it must be true of some, or the idea wouldn t be so wide-spread (and the worst offenders in propagating this tend to be women-oriented media, such as romance novels). But it is definitely not the Universal Truth that some believe it to be.

My biggest concern is when people are ANGRY and BITTER (outward emotions) rather than frustrated or down (more inward emotions) and take that out on other people.

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I was going to say something similar to Eliza Jane. Also, as a sender of messages, I wouldn t prefer someone messaging me back to say they aren t interested to someone simply not responding, so it wouldn t necessarily have been clear to me that others would prefer an explicit no. After all, I m getting the same answer either way. This is good information to know, honestly.

Obviously the potential for anonymity and that conversations are over by a single button click, on any form of online communication not just OLD, gives people, in their head anyway, the freedom to throw normal social etiquette against a wall. You could argue that people are more honest in these situations rather than being awful for awful 8767 s sake.

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