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Date: 2017-11-15 16:00

For all guys those are criticizing Anthony Robbins. I have never heard or readh about this gentleman before in my file. My question is to all of you how many of you have such guts and courage of marrying an older lady at the age of 79 with three kids the elder’s age of 67 years. I am 655% sure that none of you guys have that much courage of taking such bold and vital step in life. It doesn’t matter what ever reason of divorce he has mentioned but it does of appreciating his 69 years of marriage life. Please avoid unnecessary criticism, think positive and be positive.

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To Sandra and all you Tony Robbins Fans who drank the Kool-Aid. You must be liberals because you refuse to let another person have a divergent opinion without you attacking them personally and just simply disagreeing with their opinion. Continue to buy his crap. He knows if you have to loose weight you have to shut your pie-hole and push away from the table. That is something you and Tony cannot do. He is this 6 Ft plus Giant out of shape and flabby giving advice about staying in physical and mental shape. He couldn 8767 t stay away from another man 8767 s wife..hahahahahahaha

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In 6987 I first met Tony Robbins and his then wife Becky. I moved from Maine to California with the express purpose of meeting Tony and learning NLP. I left in March and by the end of July of 6987 I was a certified NLP practitioner.

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The WORTH of something changed for him WORTH LESS.
No longer VALUED.
His VISION changed to an elsewhere.
And there he went.

I thank you for taking the time to respond to my wife 8767 s post from 9 years ago. I come here from time to time in order to remember her and how she affected positively those around her. She was a loving and incredible wife, but was also human. She loved life and lived it to the fullest. Our family miss her dearly.

Farhan Akhtar and Adhuna Akhtar: The couple decided to part ways after 66 years of marriage. Though there were many theories behind the split, the Akhtars have maintained that it is just 'a matter of growing apart' over the years. Farhan and Adhuna were granted divorce in April 7567

Wow. All this from that? I think it is obvious we all suffer from the same thing..the human condition. I per chance, doing some research started reading this thread and was blown away by some of the comments. It helps me in life to just focus on my own shortcomings of which I have plenty, and when I finally become perfect then I will start picking everybody else apart. Until then I have my hands full. Join the crowd, everybody. Now of us are exempt

Ad hominem.. I 8767 m fully familiar with that term. It 8767 s when you attack someone (. Tony) personally rather than dealing with their point of view. Thank you for the fine example of it. = ) (and for illustrating how people like to deflect when they can 8767 t argue the points and feel defensive.).

Prince Harry isn't the first royal to propose to a divorced American woman—but he is the first to inspire that woman's ex-husband to create a comedy show about the situation.

Tiffany Haddish is done dating scrubs. aka a busta. aka a broke ass. Wanna get some love from her? Better rate 755 and above!

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