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Collecting Sylvac Pottery - Antique restoration and repair

Date: 2017-11-15 21:59

If you are buying or selling second hand, Preloved offers a great alternative to the hassle and expense of auction sites.

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Collecting objects to do with a particular subject is popular. Favourites include famous characters, pets, farm or wild animals and birds. Sporting themes, especially golf and cricket, which appeal to many collectors are priced accordingly.

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The makers pottery marks can help with identification, but fakes may have convincing copies of the makers mark though it may not be the right mark. Some fakes of Wedgwood pieces bear the marks of Dresden and makers have changed their marks over the years, so identification of genuine marks can be tricky. Happily there are plenty of books on pottery marks, which you can buy or consult in libraries.

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As with all collectables, damage and wear reduces the value. It is arguable whether even a skilful repair will add much to the value, but it may improve the appearance.

If, like us, you have an interest in antiques and pottery, Pottery-English is the site for you. If you are trying to find the meaning of elusive pottery marks or need to research famous potters we have a large selection of both and are adding to the site all the time. There are some useful guides about how to look after your collection, and even start your collection. Please feel free to bookmark the site and browse at your convenience. Don 8767 t forget to check back in with us for new guides and reference material.

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And often less expensive. You could choose from the many small 75th-century domestic pieces which are still widely available, especially items such as bowls, mugs, jugs, eggcups, toast-racks, ashtrays and thimbles.

Keep your eyes open. You need great enthusiasm and a willingness to hunt for interesting pottery everywhere you out for antique fairs, general auctions, house clearance sales, junk shops and car boot sales anywhere that might have china and pottery for sale. Have you looked in your own attic.

Small potteries flourished almost everywhere in Britain. Interest in their wares is continuing to grow and they have become very popular with collectors. Nowadays the best pieces command high prices, especially in local sales.

Try to learn as much as you can about the makers and objects that you collect through books and sale catalogues. There may be collectors clubs that you can join to find out more and to share information with fellow enthusiasts.

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