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I wish it were fake, but I 8767 m inclined to think it 8767 s legit. So depressing how people delude themselves into seeing only what they want to see. It 8767 s a lot easier to blame the whore than to blame your spouse. If it 8767 s your spouse at fault you might have to face the fact that you 8767 re married to a dirtbag, which, at that point you either have to get a divorce or resign yourself to the fact.

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Being a 8775 shy-er 8776 guy myself, if I was happily married, this behavior would be an annoyance to me that I would let slide if infrequent enough like the neighbor just has a little too much to drink every so often and is one of those overly-affectionate drunks not a big deal The frequency this is happening though would just annoy me to the point of not caring if I pissed the neighbor off.

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Lol 8775 I had no idea there was a party so I sketchily walked on the trails behind the neighborhood to see what was going on and my husband was there and we never I just didn 8767 t know he was then I peered through the trees at the EXACT moment she was handing him a wine glass and kissing him welll maybe I lingered around for a while to wait for that to happen but. 8776

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You need to put the hammer down on your husband ASAP! People are going to act how they are going to act and his responsibility is to YOU. It 8767 s much more effective for him to 8775 politely 8776 confront the neighbor than for you to he could say, 8775 Hey Ramona, you should really call before you come over 8776 or 8775 Gee Ramona, where 8767 s your family? Maybe you should go love and kiss on them instead of me. 8776

Actually, I 8767 m in the husband or boyfriend or fiance is a complete ass hole or there is something seriously wrong with your marriage camp. I think it 8767 s unproductive to go around and blame the other woman and call her names for a failed marriage. Maybe she is a tramp, but that 8767 s besides the point. The fact is, there are all kinds of people out there. You can 8767 t control their actions. You can only control your own. And hopefully you find a person who respects you. Who isn 8767 t a complete asshole. And who talks to you if there are problems. And likewise if you have issues.

Additionally, I believe positive reinforcement is better than going hard negative, and that 8767 s where most of the comments seem to be advocating.

Imagine the excitement of your first online chat, followed by a discreet telephone call. If all goes well, you may well be on your way to the most exhilarating affair of your life.

A famed verse from Saadi's poem is inscribed at the entrance to the Hall of Nations in New York's UN headquarters:
Of one Essence is the human race,
Thusly has Creation put the Base
One Limb impacted is sufficient,
For all Others to feel the Mace

If you call a woman a tramp, you 8767 re not just saying that *this one individual* is acting in a way that is sexually inapproporiate, but also that *women and women alone* have the ability to act in a way that is deserving of heightened scorn.

Also, am I the only one who kind of wants to be friends with Ramona? Always drinking wine, never wearing pants that 8767 s a woman I can appreciate. If for no other reason it validates my own habits.

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