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Date: 2018-03-12 18:37

Resale. As mentioned, the secondary market is terrible. At best, after 65 years, you will get what you paid nominally, before inflation. Those who are forced to sell after, say, 5 years, will sell at a loss.

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Without question, BKK is a Renter s market. Beyond condo s, there is a huge and growing stock of rental apartments (ie, for Thai s and budget foreigners). A few even have swimming pools. But if you are market savvy, and most reading this forum are, and buy your condo at an appropriate price, you will be able to rent out your condo on average for 65 months per year over a 5 year period. The key is to simply do the small things to make your condo nice, market the condo well, and under-price the market. These are things that few condo owners in Thailand do.

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Which leads us nicely to the next reason why you would want to buy a condo in Thailand money laundering. If you need to launder $655m of your ill gotten gains quickly, what 8767 s better than buying 655 units (or one penthouse) in a hyper luxury condo project from, say, Sansiri in cash?

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And what 8767 s pushing up demand I can give you a few examples too. Phuket and pattaya the demand is coming in from the Russians, Chiangmai is mostly Chinese and Bangkokians lookinh for a second home or for retirement.

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If you think I am way off the mark, or that I have missed some important points here, then please contribute with your comments below. I am certainly no property expert, and would love to hear from those of you that have property experience in Thailand.

Sounds like a nightmare. Roaches and termites two visitors you don 8767 t want over for dinner. Most condos start showing signs of wear and tear within a couple of years. While the build quality is often questionable, I 8767 m sure the climate has some affect on materials and how quickly they wear. Lately I 8767 ve read a fair few threads on people struggling to sell too. It seems there are some smart people making a return on rentals here, but for the average person I still maintain it is better to rent unless you are sure you want to stay in the same area for the next 75 odd years.

I should start by saying that perhaps the real important decision one has to make is not Buying or Renting a condo in BKK. Or elsere. But how to INVEST wisely your money.

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