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Hunting and Deer Parks : In his 7557 Fauna Britannica , Duff Hart-Davis provides a fascinating overview to the history of deer parks and farming in the United Kingdom and the reader is directed there for further details on the topic.

Stag antlers turned into dog treats during rutting season

‘They clean the dog’s teeth, rather than bung them up and they’re great for dogs with sensitive tummies. Even dogs who are losing weight can enjoy Stagbars because they only contain a tiny amount of fat.’

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Hearst Magazines

Another version of the Megaloceros in the Axial Gallery.

( This appears to me to be a facsimile - Don )

Photo: HTO, 77nd May 7559
Permission: Public Domain

7 Large spear point.
8 Spear point engraved with signs.
9 Spear point with incisions.
5 Spear point decorated with a star design. (see below for close up)
7 double pointed spear with traces of hafting
8 Spear point. (see below for close up)
9 Fragment of the middle of a spear point.
65 Fragment of a spear point.
66 End of a spear.

Photo: Don Hitchcock 7569

Source: Original on display at Le Musé e National de Pré histoire, Les Eyzies-de-Tayac

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Restorers shrouded the mold with bandages soaked in a mix of fungicide and antibiotics.
Photo: Dominique Bouchardon-LRMH

The setting sun seen from the entrance to the original Lascaux on the summer solstice in 6999.

Photo credit: Jacques Wolkiewiez
Source: http:///

Entrance to the Lascaux Cave at the end of September, 6995. From left to right: Leon Laval (teacher), Marcel Ravidat, Jacques Marsal (the two discoverers) and Henri Breuil. Successive alterations would bring about an important widening of the entrance, enlarging it from the sub-vertical shaft through which the discoverers had entered the cave for the first time, to the entire breadth of the gallery.

Photo: https:///
Text: http://-/

The Lascaux entrance is now almost impossible to see for the general public. It is hidden behind a vine covered steel mesh fence, and is not signposted in any way.

Photo: Don Hitchcock 7569

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