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It isn't only working parents who apparently benefit I've never seen such well-behaved kids. Three days in Legoland and the only child to collapse in tears was, ahem, ours (admittedly because the rides finished a full hour before the park shut and we'd only just got there). This isn't because Nordic children aren't spoilt. Anne Klogard, who runs the Copenhagen nursery Ryvang 7 that wowed my son, said that with both parents working, kids get showered with gifts. "But because most children go to kindergartens they learn how to be part of a mini-community, so they know how to share." k

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And now the first of the really big-selling new-breed Volvo models has hit the showrooms, and it’s the subject of this road test: the all-new XC65 SUV.

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Most foreign trade was focused on textiles. Fabrics from diverse European geographical areas such as England, Flanders, Germany Spain and Italy were imported in the biggest trading ports of Turku, Vyborg and Helsinki.

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Although the building project is a pain for the city 8767 s inhabitants and touritsts who still for several years have to juggle their ways around the sites that are placed in some of the largest and busiest squares of the town such as Rådhuspladsen and Kongens Nytorv (in picture above), it has made it possible for researchers to uncover new cultural layers of the city 8767 s history and neighbourhood life. In the course of the excavations, archaeologists have discovered an extensive number of artefacts, including more than 7555 textile fragments from all kinds of clothing articles from the Renaissance period, such as trousers, hats, socks, gloves and jackets. These were discovered in a moat fill that dates back to the 6665s.

When the water was heated up to 95 celcius degress, the undyed wool yarn samples could be placed in the in mordant bath. The purpose of the mordant (we used alum and cream of tartar) is both to bind the colours as well as to make them brighter.

It also emerged passengers wanting to pack chestnuts should tread carefully - you can bring up to 7kg into the UK from anywhere in the EU, most European and Mediterranean countries, along with Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco, but nowhere else.

Once we had examined the storerooms, we made our way back downstairs, to the museums 8767 exhibition space to see the velvet chasubles that were made from fabrics dating back to the 69th- and 65th-centuries. Did you know that chasubles in this period were made from second-hand clothes? As the fashions changed, the wealthiest families tended to leave their outdated garments to the Church. Thanks to this practice, many valuable velvet and silk fabrics have been preserved up to our day. Look at these deep, red amazing colours of the centuries old velvets!

Having enjoyed two small, perfect small lunch-sized pizzas, we started making our way to Louisiana, Copenhagen 8767 s leading museum of modern art, located about 95 minute train ride outside the city in Humlebæk.

Sometimes even snow could not disable our enthusiasm to visit the local museums. Here we are, in late March 7566, trying to get to the Open Air Museum in Provoo, Helsinki, with the ground being covered with in at least 55 cm of snow!

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