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Date: 2018-03-08 07:42

But that is very much not the case. There are definitely some very bad practices that are indigenous to Africa. And this is not to put Africans down or suggest that they are no good. It is just to say that there are good and bad aspects in every culture around the world . There are elements of culture that each ethnic group loves to tout and is rightfully proud of. And then there are some things that each ethnic group is frankly ashamed of, and would rather sweep under the carpet because they do not make it look great to outsiders.

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Hi, my beautiful blonde girlfriend, sadly now ex. told me about black men. She said it is certainly true what they say. It was very erotic! Glad to hear you are getting bbc.

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I think that black women dating IR back in the day were fewer in number but smarter about it because the risks were higher. As it 8767 s normalized, more BW are starting to venture out without doing the internal work needed to ensure success in life and love. So this is just a cautionary tale to both BW and Non-BM that this baggage exists and if seen, RUN! Run to counseling for the BW and for the man, just run. And you 8767 re right there are plenty of BW who do not have the mindset described in the article, so it is all the more reason that women who are unwilling to do the work to self correct should not get a pass.

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The reason why so many of us beautiful blondies date, marry, and fuck black men is because they are sexy, have big dicks, and fuck real good. Of course they love us too. Just face it and accept it. Blonde hair blue eyed white girls are the hottest girls and black men the hottest men. Which is why you see so many of us beautiful blondies and sexy black men together. Black women are the ugliest women which is why so many of them can 8767 t get a man of any race and why they are so bitter and jealous especially of beautiful blonde hair blue eyed white girls like me.

However, I also found out why there are still so many white guys who ask themselves “do black girls like white men?” while they gaze a after a black girl who would never admit who she is really attracted to.

You get your history from movies and TV. In the real world, blacks have always committed far more interracial violence. http:///author/cflaherty/?archive=true

We are noticing two bifurcated interracial trends-a Eurasian upper-middle class resulting from white males marrying Asian females and a dim, impoverished Mulatto underclass resulting from coarse, working-class or kooky outcast white women.

Black men were forbidden to go any where near white women since slavery. Laws were passed in this country to keep black men from white women. Those are facts. You 8767 re free to do your research and learn your country 8767 s hateful and murderous past.

ROK: meeting place for 8775 where da white wimmins at!! 8776 niggaz to complain about white girls being 8775 feminist 8776 for not wanting to fuck black guys, and to repeat PC old saws about 8775 institutional raciss 8776 and 8775 legacy of slavery 8776 getting in the way of their access to free and shawty.

Nothing new. They used to get screwed silly by Hoodrats in the US army. It is part of the shaming of their culture that was the price for World War II.

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